Facts about Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese is not usually related to boycotts, but in the summer of 2011, that produced by the Elite company was boycotted in Israel because of its high cost, compared to its cost in the usa. Elite is an Israeli firm, so it did not seem fair that the price of its cottage cheese was higher in Israel than it was in other countries. The boycott was successful and the price was eventually lowered.

In the Indian subcontinent cottage cheese or’paneer’ is used in many savoury dishes, and goes nicely in a hot dish with spinach. It is used to tame the hot spices used in traditional dishes, and these are extremely tasty.

Little Miss Muffet was clearly greedy and impatient. If she had waited a little longer she might not have had that traumatic encounter with the spider.

You can curdle the milk with lemon juice, and make it from low-fat milk, so that it has fewer calories.

This sort of cheese has been made for millennia and was created by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It gets its English name because it can so easily be made at home, and can be pressed into a thicker consistency to make a creamy white cheese with all the whey removed, until it becomes what is known as farmer’s cheese, which is solid but crumbly rather like feta cheese.

Doubtless the new pineapple makes for a better gourmet experience than the cottage cheese and pineapple you can buy in local supermarkets.

This type of cheese is excellent for dieters as its bland flavor could be mixed together with tastier things like paprika or chilies, and eaten as a snack or in a main meal as it has only 98 calories per 100 g, and this contains 11.1. Grams of protein, and hardly any fat. It also contains high levels of selenium which is great for healthy skin and a general feel-good factor. It also contains vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin, and calcium, which is essential for healthy bones.

According to a USFDA report, Americans purchase around 600 million pounds in weight of cottage cheese annually, although I suppose that does not mean that they consume all that as it does not have a lengthy shelf-life. It’s worth noting though that it takes a hundred pounds (weight) of milk to create only fifteen pounds of cottage cheese.

It appears to be a favorite food, although I can’t say I am a great fan, unless it’s mixed into sweet pancakes or a hot meat dish, since it tastes bland to me. However, it’s this that makes it so versatile.

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