William Shakespeare Poet Writer Painting POf all the facts about Shakespeare, one of the strangest of all is that, although he is regarded as the finest writer of the English Language which there’s ever been, Shakespeare didn’t actually write all the words of some of his plays. In fact, some folks say that William Shakespeare did not write any of his functions whatsoever and that William Shakespeare was only a pen name that was used by various other writers of his time. Whatever the fact, many of Shakespeare’s words and phrases are still utilised in the English Language now. Here a few more William Shakespeare facts you might not have known.
We do not know how to spell Shakespeare’s name
It is believed that Shakespeare’s name is derived from the old English word’schakken’, which means spear, or to brandish. What we do not understand to be a definite Shakespeare reality, though, is how he actually spelt his own name. This is due to the fact that the poet used different spellings of his own name and he frequently used abbreviations of it also.
All the words of Shakespeare aren’t his own
It’s a truth about William Shakespeare that he was a prolific author. He composed 154 poems and sonnets and 38 plays, but not all of the words that are accredited to the bard of Avon were his own. It was quite common in those days for authors to assign some of their writing to other people and Shakespeare was no exception. Shakespeare, however, had no interest in saving his plays for future generations; he was interested only in plays that would be popular in his day.
He was not loved by the critics
Although his plays extremely popular and he could count royalty amongst his many fans, the literary critics of the time were much less impressed with the writing of William Shakespeare. The man who’s now called the best writer of all time was called an”upstart crow, beautified with our feathers” by a critic of the time, Robert Greene, who believed that Shakespeare was nothing more than the upstart actor who was trying his hand in some writing.
Many facts about Shakespeare a little unclear and one such reality is precisely when and how he came to prominence in the world of theatre. We do know that Shakespeare was an actor, in addition to a playwright, and he did behave in a lot of his own plays too from the plays of other playwrights. He also disappeared for a period of time between the years of 1585 and 1592 during which time it’s believed he may have been acting in London under an assumed name.
Among the stranger facts about William Shakespeare is that it is thought that his own children could well have been illiterate. It is understood that his father signed with his mark, rather than his signature, and William Shakespeare was probably the only person in his household who could read and write. Go to Wellington Rat Removal for more information.

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